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Woodwind & brass solo and ensemble music

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Trombone Music chevron_right Trombone Trios

Trombone Trios

Christmas Carols For Three Trombones STT4109

Arranger Walton
Grade 2 - 3
Instruments 3 Tbns

Easy three part arrangements of twelve of the most popular Christmas Carols.

Easy Threesomes STT4093

Composer Walton
Grade 3 - 4
Instruments Tbn: Tbn: Tbn/F Hn/Eb Hn:

Six short pieces written especially to introduce young players to ensemble playing.

Keep It Simple STT4092

Composer Walton
Grade 1
Instruments Tbn/F Hn/Eb Hn, Tbn, Tbn

The ultimate material for starting off a three part ensemble. Good group teaching material.

Swing Thing STT7235

Composer Peter Thorne
Grade 6 - 7
Instruments 2 Tbns: Bass Tbn:

A set of three pieces in mid twentieth century jazz idiom. Each instrument has a share of the melodic material. Suitable for the Intermediate player

The Teddy Bears' Picnic STT4179

Composer John W Bratton arr. Walton
Arranger Walton
Grade 6 - 7
Instruments 3 Tbns

This ever popular children's favourite began its life as a ragtime two step.

Tricky Trio STT4181

Composer Walton
Grade 5 - 6
Instruments 3 Trombones

All players have tricky parts but are fun to play.

Trombones on Parade STT4156

Composer David King
Grade 4 - 5
Instruments 3 Tbns

A short entertaining piece where the trio can show off.

Two Rags for Three Trombones STT4163

Composer Walton
Grade 5 - 6
Instruments 3 Tbns

Tenderfoot Rag and Trombone Rag are both great fun for all players.