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Woodwind & brass solo and ensemble music

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Woodwind Trios

Curiosity Combination Vol. 1 STT7038

Arranger R & S Denwood
Grade 5 - 6
Instruments Fl: Alto Sax: Cl:

Ideal piece for GCSE students with this unusual instrumental combination.

Groovy Blues And Rag Time! STT7158

Composer Ruth Green
Grade 8
Instruments Fl: Cl: Bsn:

A quirky short introduction leads, as the title suggests, to a groovy blues. This is followed by a rag time movement supplying rhythmic challenges for all three players.

Harlequinade STT7148

Composer Peter Thorne
Grade 8
Instruments Fl: Cl: Bsn:

A marvellous quirky challenging trio in three movements which, when successfully played, will give immense pleasure to players and audience alike.

Joplin for Three STT6157

Composer Scott Joplin arr. Walton
Arranger Walton
Grade 6 - 8
Instruments Fl: Bb Cl: Bsn

Three contrasting pieces Maple Leaf Rag: Pleasant Moments(Ragtime Waltz):Helitrope Bouquet(A slow Two Step)

Suite For Wind Trio STT7150

Composer Peter Thorne
Grade 6
Instruments Fl: Fl: Cl:

A delightful five movement addition to the wind trio repertoire, written in a pleasing modern idiom.

The Teddy Bears' Picnic STT6185

Composer John W Bratton arr. Walton
Arranger Walton
Grade 5
Instruments Flt: Bb Clt: Bsn:

This ever popular children's favourite began its life as a ragtime two step.

Three For All STT7090

Composer David King
Grade 7 - 8
Instruments Fl: Ob: Cl:

This trio is modernish in style but catchy to the listener. Each movement features a different member of the ensemble.

Variations on Early One Morning STT7152

Arranger Peter Thorne
Grade 6
Instruments Fl: Fl: Cl:

A challenging set of variations on this familiar melody.